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Franxesca Clara
Feune de Colombi

UX Designer

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It's nice to meet you :)

Es realmente un placer.

My name is Franxesca (Kika).

I'm a multi-lingual digital merchandiser and UX designer focused on intuitive, equitable design.

I'm excited to show you my work so far, and I look forward to adding many more projects.

I graduated from USC in 2022 with a degree in International Relations.

My handwriting was my first creative outlet. My class notes quickly became color-coded and doodled-on works of art.


Many years later, a quarantine project led me to CSS and HTML. From there, I learned that my then hobby of making websites look pretty could be a career. Making equitable and accessible products is an important aspect of my work. 

My experience with CSS and direct interaction with engineers prepared me to communicate goals effectively and come up with creative and feasible solutions to design problems. I aim to create aesthetically pleasing, intuitive, and functional products for consumers.

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